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Why sell your
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  • Make extra spending money
  • Sell all your stuff at one time
  • Sustainable Saves the earth!
  • More shoppers and money than having a garage sale
  • It’s easy to do


Why Should I Sell At A Consignment Sale and How To Pick One?

Consignment Sales are gaining in popularity like all things pumpkin flavored in the fall.  It’s safe to say that consigning items that your family has outgrown or no longer has a use for has become hugely popular and is here to stay.  

Transitioning your kids closets from Summer to Fall

Well ladies and gents, fall has officially hit the calendar and Western Pennsylvania like a wrecking ball. It’s like Mother Nature rubbed her eyes, looked at her planner and was like “holy heck, no time to transition, summer must go NOW”.

How to pick a consignment sale

Consignment Sales are gaining in popularity and we put together a list of reasons that explains WHY in our previous blog. I can tell you are ready to run and register to consign at a sale right now! Now comes the second part of your daily dose of helpful information – How do I pick a sale?


“It’s great knowing that these toys and clothes will find new life with other littles, instead of a landfill.”

“I love buying clothes and toys for my kids at great prices, because kids grow out of both so quickly.”

“I love the people I’ve met and how much extra money I make!”

Fast Facts to help you decide:

  • You can make more money than you spend in a Target or Walmart run
  • You decide the price of the items
  • You print the tags at home and attach them to the items
  • You don’t have to sit at a table with your stuff

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