What You Can Sell

Seasonal Tips

SPRING: What would you dress your kids in from April – September!?

Swimsuits (make sure they’re secured to the hanger), floaties and goggles! Easter Dresses and Suits! Jackets with zippers! Holiday apparel: Easter, 4th of July, patriotic, Mother’s day, Father’s Day. Jeans are accepted year-round. No fleece (including pajamas) or wool.

FALL: What would you dress your kids in from October – March!?

Halloween Costumes! Christmas dresses and Suits! Hoodies! Winter coats, snow suits, snow boots, hats and gloves! Holiday apparel: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day. No Sandals. No school uniforms with names on them.



This isn’t a rummage sale, bring your best items!

Each tag created has a $2 minimum. If you wouldn’t buy it for $2, donate it or bundle it.

Everything needs to be working and have batteries. Nothing broken on the sales floor!

Price as a buyer. NOT as a seller.

  • Your goal is to sell! Mark your things for half price to bring home less and make more money.
  • 350 item limit

No recalled items! Not sure?

No expired Car Seats

(they expire after 6 years, check the sticker on the bottom)

No Stains, tears, holes, rips

Nothing broken zippers, missing buttons or lost parts

No CDs or VHS tapes

No Stuffed animals unless they do something

No Breast Pumps

Nothing that smells smoky or has pet hair

What you can sell: ALL THINGS FOR KIDS!



Sandboxes, water tables, playhouses, picnic tables, wagons, power wheels, slides, bounce houses, lawn games, cozi coupes, ride on toys


Scooters, tricycles, balance bikes, kids bikes, helmets, bike trailers


Dolls and Accessories. We have a table just for these hot items!


Kids camping chairs, Balls, bats, racquets, gloves, cleats, bags, golf clubs and bags


Must have all pieces, large piece puzzles sell best


 DVDs, Video Games, Leap Frog, wii, playstation, xbox, switch


Train tables, Lego Tables, doll houses, kitchens, tool benches, tents, tunnels, basketball hoops, race tracks, little trampolines, etc


Strollers, pack n plays, high chairs, bouncers, swings, exersaucers, bassinets. Items must work and have batteries.


Feeding items, cloth diapers, character bath towels, baby baths, monitors, baby carriers, diaper pails, potty chairs, bumbos – must have the safety strap attached


All children’s books including board books, picture books, chapter books, parenting books, homeschool resources. Limit of 50 tags per consignor, bundle similar reading levels


Bead kits, character cake pans, paper cutters, scrapbooks


Changing tables, bookshelves, gliders, rockers, toddler beds


Diaper bags, kids suitcases, backpacks, kids purses, designer items welcome and secured.


Melissa & Doug, Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Pokemon, Legos, action figures, cars and trucks, Barbies, and the list can go on for a while! Stuffed animals must do something and have batteries.


Must have all pieces and directions


Curriculum and resources, the newer the better


Crib and children’s bed linens, blankets, crib toys, lamps, rugs, wall decor, towels. Limit of 10 tags per consignor

More Things to Know


Boys: newborn – size 20

Girls: newborn – size 18

There are limits set for size newborn – 9months. You are allowed 20 tags per gender and per size. (20 tags in 0-3 month girls, 20 tags in 3-6 month girls, etc) Make cute outfits and only bring your best!

Juniors: Name brands only (Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Aerie, Hollister, Rue21, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Pink, Adidas, Gap)

Maternity clothes: must be current styles within the last 4 years. Older styles will be turned away or removed from sales racks. If you choose to donate what doesn’t sell, we take it to a non-profit that supports pregnant women.


Dress shoes, crocs, rain boots, sliders. Limit of 15 girl shoes and 15 boy shoes per consignor. Like new, no mud or dirt, no scuffs. All shoes marked to donate are given to Soles for Jesus

Baby Items

Make sure your bumbo and boppy isn’t recalled!

Infant Car seats are allowed ONLY if they are part of a stroller travel system. Make sure to check the car seat date before bringing. Car seats may only be used for 6 years from the date of manufacture. Expired car seats will not be accepted but the stroller could still be sold.


Video Games and DVDs

Do not tape shut. These will be checked at drop off before being taped and placed on the sales floor.

Make sure your boxes have all the pieces and cords.


You can bring children’s Books and parenting books that are in good condition. Rules with Books: We have a 50 item cap per consignor in this category and you MUST select the box to DISCOUNT your books. You are allowed to group books into sets to count as one item. (Examples of groupings: 3 Junie B Jones, or other series grouped together for $3 – will discount to $1.50 on 1/2 price day if it hasn’t sold. 5 Toddler Board Books for $2 – will discount to $1.

We LOVE educational books and homeschooling supplies! They have a high sell through rate!

We highly recommend you use string to bundle your books and tie them, wrapping the string both ways and tight enough that the books don’t fall out but loose enough to not damage the books.

We highly recommend using painters tape to secure the tag to the book and we also recommend you put it on the back of the book when appropriate.

Frequently asked questions

I brought a car seat to sell. Why did it get rejected?

Did you know that car seats have an expiration date!? 6 years is the limit of use on any car seat from date of manufacture.

Why do I need to print my tags on cardstock?

All of the items that come in and out of our sale get moved around a lot! They get out of your car, put onto the rolling racks, hung onto the racks/tables on the floor, and then added to a shoppers wagon, all before it gets to the check out table! If you use regular copy paper, you risk the tag falling off your item. No tag = no sale = lost and found table. You want to keep your tagged items off the lost and found table.

Also, if you use anything other than white,  scanners have a hard time reading the barcode at the register. It is impossible to read barcodes that are printed on any paper that have a shine or glitter.

What if I don't want back my items that don't sell?

If you don’t want the items back, we will gladly donate them to one of our non-profits! Please chose “donate” when you are tagging your items and confirm you are “donating all” on drop off day!

I don't have PayPal, can I still register?

Yes, you can just register with a credit card as a guest through PayPal.

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